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    FoodEssentials Team

    Anton Xavier - Global Business Development Officer (co-founder)

    Anton Xavier - CEO (co-founder)

    With experience in management, operations and marketing, Anton led the FoodEssentials team from its inception in Australia and subsequent move to the US, to its current position as a leader in this niche industry. Completing postgraduate degrees in Australia, Anton gained invaluable management and marketing experience working with a variety of firms in Asia. 

    Dheeraj Patri - CEO (co-founder)

    Dheeraj Patri - CTO (co-founder)

    A serial entrepreneur, Dheeraj joined the FoodEssentials team in February 2008. He was integral in moving operations from Australia to the U.S. With a strong technical and project management background, Dheeraj has led teams within Fortune 500 companies as well as his own start-up enterprises. 

    Dagan Xavier - Chief Data Officer (co-founder)

    Dagan Xavier - Director of Customer Insights (co-founder)

    With a background in nutrition, Dagan is central to the development and ongoing evolution of the FoodEssentials database assets. Managing a team of dietitians and researchers, Dagan is constantly looking for innovative solutions to enable the scaling of our data services.

    Ronak Sheth - Chief Customer Officer

    Ronak Sheth - Chief Customer Officer

    Ronak brings over a decade of experience in software applications, consulting, technology, manufacturing, and sales. He has helped drive strategic initiatives for global companies including Diageo, Heinz, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Clorox, and Jaguar across Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, China, Europe, and North America. Ronak earned a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

    Annie Geile - VP, Data

    Annie Geile - Director of Client Management

    Annie brings to FoodEssentials her near 20 years of managing global teams, data, and processes. Previously she worked for St. Louis based Sigma-Aldrich, a Life Science and High Technology company that operates in 37 countries. Annie earned a Degree in Chemistry from Bradley University and an MBA from Fontbonne University. As a board member of the Friends of St. Louis Children’s Hospital Board, she’s worked to progress the goals of the greater community and is excited for the chance to play a part in enabling people to make better food choices.

    Dan Lutger - Design Manager

    Dan Lutger - Design Manager

    Dan brings an artistic eye to a palette of data. He has been designing user interfaces and websites since the Mosiac browser and has 20 years of experience helping companies from start-ups to Fortune 500s organize information with style.

    Tyler Trollinger - Technology AdministratorMadalyn McGahan - Data Team Lead for DigitizationYisi Wang - NutritionistBeth Siesener – Data ProcessorTyler Olsen - Client Manager


    Board Members

    Peter Esparrago - Cultivation Capital

    Peter Esparrago - Cultivation Capital

    Peter is a General Partner at Cultivation Capital. Peter has over 25 years of global technology leadership experience in a wide variety of industries. He is Managing Partner at Growspar, a technology growth catalyst firm. Peter was CEO of IntraISP, a global BSS/OSS Software-as-a-Service company, in which he grew and sold twice (to Clearwire and Amdocs). He was President of two information security companies, Cigital and Mycroft. He was President of River City Internet Group, a holding company for various businesses (data centers, network management, ISP, WISP, SaaS, cloud storage). Peter was COO of Ariel Research, a global leader in EH&S content and software. As COO, he helped grow and sell the company to 3E. Peter also spent 16 years at Accenture, where he was a Partner and left after the IPO. Peter has an MBA in Finance from Rockhurst University, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Missouri.