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    FoodEssentials a big deal at sxsw for a second year

    “Last year we received a warm welcome from grocery retailers, manufacturers and media companies,” said Olsen “But this year, we found that technology companies are looking to integrate food data into their products as well — wearables, video game consoles, the refrigerator in your kitchen, and even your car!”

    FoodEssentials promotes Ronak Sheth to CPO

    St. Louis startup FoodEssentials has announced they are promoting Ronak Sheth to Chief Product Officer.  Techli first introduced you to Ronak Sheth back in 2012

    FoodEssentials enhances LabelAPI

    ProgrammableWeb initially covered FoodEssentials in 2012 when its LabelAPI matched around 75% of scanned product labels from developer partners. Since then, its database has grown to include the lion’s share of all products sold in the U.S. market. As FoodEssentials gets ready for another SXSW, ProgrammableWeb caught up with FoodEssentials’ Tyler Olsen to learn more about LabelAPI’s success, growth and future.


    FoodEssentials connects with 'biggest brands in the industry' at SXSW

    FoodEssentials co-founder and CEO Anton Xavier on Monday checked in with the St. Louis Business Journal from the South By Southwest Interactive Festival, the annual tech conference that catapulted companies like Twitter and Foursquare.


    FoodEssentials data leads to winning entry in San Francisco Hackathon

    The St. Louis-based nutritional data startup FoodEssentials teamed up with MedHelp, the largest online health community, to sponsor a weekend coding event in San Francisco to give developers a chance to play with their data.


    Essentials behind St. Louis Food Labelling startup, FoodEssentials

    The innovators behind FoodEssentials, now based in downtown St. Louis, began their journey about a decade ago, when the father of two of the company’s founders experienced heart health issues.  Because of that,  brothers Dagan and Anton Xavier needed to help their father find heart-healthy groceries.


    Apprentice program coming to Saint Louis

    A New York-based apprentice program aimed at giving young adults experience within innovative companies is expanding to St. Louis.


    Arch Grants awards first $750k

    The St. Louis region recently hit a business lottery, of sorts. Fifteen startup businesses recently won $50,000 in funding from Arch Grants, a global business plan competition, to set up shop in St. Louis and grow their businesses here. Local donors are funding this lottery to see the St. Louis economy boom.

    Arch Grants business winner advises Christchurch

    “Be open and transparent so that you can verify your ideas quickly,” Anton advised. “Too many businesses are secretive about their products and ideas not wanting to give away their Intellectual Property, only to find that when they launch, the idea was based on one or more flawed assumptions.”


    Tech startups find a gung-ho reception in St. Louis

    Included in the group is Food Essentials, which moved here from Chicago after winning an Arch Grants award. Dheeraj Patri, Food Essentials' chief operating officer, says his firm has been awed by the resources it found here.