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Our mission is to make vast amounts of food label data accessible to brands, developers as well as government entities, while keeping it simple to analyze.” - Anton Xavier, CEO



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    Government Agencies

    We are working with various government agencies on a variety of exciting projects as well as providing them with access to our LabelINSIGHT product.

    Brand Managers

    Allowing brand managers to connect with their customers through mobile and web applications via our LabelAPI platform.

    Grocery Retailers

    Providing grocery retailers with the tools to collect, extract, and deliver the nutritional, ingredient, additive, and allergen properties of their products to their shoppers and team via our LabelINSIGHT data platform.

    Mobile and Web Applications

    Several of the top mobile scanning applications deliver food label data to their users via the FoodEssentials LabelAPI service. 

    Industry Analysts

    Data and analytics provided by FoodEssentials is being used by leading industry experts in their reporting.

    Retail Dietitians

    Helping dietitians educate their shoppers and the retail executives through access to our product label data platform, a dietitian’s one-stop shop for nutritional, ingredient, additive, and allergen properties of every product on their shelves.


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