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    Baby Food Essentials 

    “Moms just want ingredients they can read and understand. Real, whole, natural ingredients,” says popular mom blogger Julie Cassin. Some parents buy baby food, others make their own homemade baby food. Some parents swear by organic ingredients, others don’t believe the science justifies the added cost. Whatever the decision, parents want what is healthiest for their baby. This post will delve into the many varieties of baby foods on the market, which ingredients you should be aware of, and how LabelINSIGHT can take the worry out of providing proper nutrition for your family.

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    4 Takeaways from SAPPHIRE NOW CONFERENCE 

    SAP RetailStacy Ries, of SAP, recently shared in a blog post a review of the SAPPHIRE NOW Conference while highlighting the upcoming SAP Retail Forum Event.

    Ries believes there is currently a “seismic shift” occurring in the retail market as the traditional lines between IT and Marketing continue to blur as in-store, mobile and various other technologies are becoming more prevalent with companies pushing to keep up with the increasing levels of consumer expectations.

    Ries provides an overview of 4 main points:

    1)     Simplifying IT for the Retail Advantage

    2)     The Rise of the Marketing Technologist

    3)     Collaboration is Key

    4)     The Opportunity to Change

    Each point is informative but we wanted to quickly highlight point 3, Collaboration is Key. Ries states, “In building a culture of customer centricity, collaboration between solutions provider and the retail organization is critical.”

    A serious Solutions Provider to grocery retailers would be the manufacturer, which provide the products grocery stores shoppers actively seek out.

    Encouraging collaboration between manufacturers and retailers, in respect to new product formulation, customized category assortment and more, is an avenue to be explored indepth moving forward.

    A critical component of collaboration is the ability to have a standard set of data to work from, in our example a standard set of product data, such as: ingredient makeup, nutrient content, allergen properties, marketing claims and more for every product provides a starting point for data driven decisions to be created.

    We will continue to watch the level of collaboration between manufacturers, solution providers, and retailers as each party continues to meet their consumers expectation levels.

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    Hy-Vee: Mobile App

    Hy-VeeToday, we will identify and summarize the Hy-Vee mobile app's features; take a look at these 11 essential features available in their app :


    Weekly Ad

    Ability to explore the weekly ads for your store. Filter by the Weekly Print Ad, Digital Exclusive Ad or Fuel Saver – or view all the ads at once., and add items from the ad directly to your shopping list.

    Shopping List

    Create a shopping list while you are on the go. Browse the weekly ad and add items to your shopping list. Take a picture to add an item, create multiple lists for special events and even send a tweet to the store when an item is out of stock.

    Product Locator

    Customized by store, this feature leads you directly to the product you're looking for - even those hard-to-find items. No typing required - just speak the product name into your phone.

    Store Locator

    Get directions, view hours and phone numbers, you can even check the calendar of events for your local store.


    Search for your favorite recipes – or discover new ones to try. Use your mobile device like a cookbook by adding ingredients to your shopping list and checking a recipe’s nutrition facts.

    Pharmacy Locator

    Not sure where you can pick up your prescriptions? Use the Pharmacy Locator feature to find the most convenient pharmacy. You’ll also find the pharmacy phone number and hours of operation.

    Refill a Prescription

    Easily refill of your prescription. Simply type in your prescription number or scan the barcode on your prescription bottle to get your next refill. 

    Hy-Vee Fuel Saver Check Balance

    Enter in your Fuel Saver card number or scan the barcode to check the gas discounts you've already earned and previously redeemed.

    Gas Station Locator

    Locate the nearest Hy-Vee gas station. You’ll also see if diesel, E85, the Fuel Call service, a 24-hour pay-at-the-pump or an ATM are available at each location.

    Gift Card Balance

    Got a gift card? Check here before you check out. Type in the 19-digit number on the back of the card or scan in the barcode to find out the balance before you leave the house!


    Shop for cakes, pies, cookies and party trays for your next party or special occassion. Order platters for your party, send flowers to your loved ones and all with only a couple of clicks.

    The mobile app comes with multiple features; however. We will continue to watch as Hy-Vee grows in the Health & Wellness department. Stay tuned for the next post in which we will cover Hy-Vee's in-store platform.A Live View Into The Marketplace


    Hy-Vee: Online

    Today, we're going to identify and summarize Hy-Vee's expansive online Health and Wellness offerings.

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    This Week: Hy-Vee

    Hy-VeeHey readers!

    This week, we’re going to focus on Hy-Vee and the incredible health and wellness offerings across its online, in-store, and mobile platforms. 

    Each day, we will cover one platform and include a brief description and summary of the health and wellness features it contains.  

    First, we'll look at Hy-Vee's Online Platform; tune in tomorrow!A Live View Into The Marketplace


    Schnucks: A Summary

    Schnucks: A SummaryAs we have discovered this week, Schnucks offers Health and Wellness related functionality across three platforms: in store, online, and mobile through recipes, pharmacy, cooking classes, fresh food, and more. 

    It is great to see Schnucks focus on health and wellness, and in our opinion they are doing a great job! However, there is always room for progress; here are some areas in which Schnucks could have opportunities for improvement and innovation:

    • Product Database: Develop a product database for the online platform and link it to the mobile database.
    • Online Resources: Develop additional online health and wellness resources based on specific product attribute based topics such as low sodium, heart healthy and local.
    • Online Articles: Product attribute based articles.
    • Encompassing Initiative: A single H&W initiative, similar to Wegmans' Wellness Keys, that ties together the existing platforms.
    • Human H&W Resources: More human H&W resources and services such as retail dietitian, ask a dietitian questions online, nutritional counseling.
    • Recipe Ingredients: Link every recipe ingredient to its corresponding product view in order to communicate product data to consumers (requires a product database)
    • Store Events: Host store events like tours and seminars.

    As retailers look for ways to evolve and respond to the ever-changing consumer demands, a complete and robust product database presents itself as a necessity rather than a luxury. Retailers that have a complete and up-to-date product database, one that is encompassing of every product's ingredient, nutritional, certification and marketing claim makeup, find themselves in a place to be proactive, rather than reactive, and in a position to win in the marketplace. Knowing what is happening today places you in a better position for tomorrow.

    Next week, we will discuss Hy-Vee and its unique health and wellness features; stay tuned!

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    90% of American's Consume too Much Sodium in their Diets

    According to Time Magazine, there have been "hundreds (of studies) over the last few decades to hint that high sodium intake may contribute to heart disease or early death". It is clear that a diet extremely high in sodium is unhealthy; here are some facts that you may not know:

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    Are there other sources for Energy Outside of Energy Drinks?

    Since their introduction to the market, energy drinks have been highly debated by the medical community and individual customers for their supposed health risks, but their long term effects aren't fully understood. Regardless, millions of americans consume these products each year because they require extra energy to complete their daily tasks.

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    Schnucks: In Stores

    Schnucks: In StoresToday, we're going to examine Schnucks' in store health and wellness features that start with a commitment to freshness and food safety.

    Schnucks has done a nice job in terms of its in store health and wellness offerings;

    Check it out: 



    • Schnucks touts its expert associates that are there to help you "find out more about the food you buy, cook and serve to your family" and "direct you to the appropriate resource" to answer any question that they cannot
    • Schnucks supplies information on products, and they feature recipes and cooking demonstrations.
    • "You can look to us to learn about nutritional value, country of origin labeling, organic foods, food safety and more"


    • Free generic antibiotic prescription program
    • Prescription services
    • Immunizations
    • Pet meds
    • Mammography Van
    • Diabetes Specialists
    • $2/4/10 generic drugs
    • Specialty Pharmacy for chronic diseases

    Schnucks Cooks Magazine:

    • The periodical contains recipes as well as information and tips on cooking and food related topics


    • Shorter-than-average sell date, especially on meats and deli products, to ensure freshness and safety standards
    • Schnucks claims to exceed food safety expectations; in 2009, they won The Black Pearl Award, given by the International Association of Food Protection
    • Schnucks claims an "investment in quality and freshness because of our (their) values"


    • They offer a variety of cooking classes for every level of skill

    Schnucks excels once more in providing a range of health and wellness related features, but this time its in-stores! While there are a number of areas for enhancement, like the addition of attribute based shelf tags (i.e. Wegmans' 14 Wellness Keys), we'll save that for tomorrow.

    Stay tuned for "Schnucks: A Summary"!A Live View Into The Marketplace


    Sales of Gluten Free Products Increased by 47% from 2012 to 2013

    David Sheluga PhD, Director of Commercial Insights at Ardent Mills, recently spoke at a webinar held by the Institute of Food Technologists about the surge in sales of Gluten Free Products, a 47% increase was seen from 2012 to 2013.

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