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    About FoodEssentials

    FoodEssentials Team

    FoodEssentials is a young and vibrant company developing best of breed technologies to solve problems related to food label data for consumers, manufacturers, retailers, and the government.  We leverage our proprietary technologies to provide the tools to undertake the deep analysis of food label data.  

    The FoodEssentials team is a fine balance of product knowledge, technological expertise and creativity.  We are headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and have personnel based in Europe, and Asia.  FoodEssentials is a modern, exciting, young company with a highly motivated purpose driven team.

    Why are we qualified?

    We have been working on scaling the analysis of large food label data sets since 2004.  Our proprietary technology provides the framework for a host of analysis tools that serve both government, industry and consumers alike. 

    Our mission has always been to make vast amounts of food label data accessible and easily analyzable. 

    Our Culture and Beliefs

    We work hard and have fun.  We're a dedicated and passionate team that all believes that we're building something to disrupt and change and industry and the world.  

    What we value:

    Our Philosophies:

    We're Hiring

    Talented, enthusiastic, independent worker? 

    Come join our team and help us scale an exciting, dynamic new business.

    We're always on the look out for talented people to join either our remote or Saint Louis based teams.  We have a broad vision and an open culture with an international flair.

    What we're looking for:

    We're a Java house looking for technologists with an interest in Big Data but are more interested in meeting any talented people and will find a role for the right talents.

    Drop us a line and tell us what motivates you.

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